Friday, June 29, 2012

Did You Hear The News?!

So I've been away, busy with life. I am so excited to get back to blogging and sharing some things I've come to love and realize on my Healthy Living journey. Things around here are going to be a bit busy(er)....


I feel like a broken record since Evan announced it on FB after a sweet reveal to our family and then of course on twitter and the family blog but I am just now getting around to announcing it here. (Never had to worry about that with Avery since it was before all the social media stuff) So yes, after 6 months of trying we finally got what we have been praying for! Come late Dec/early Jan our family will welcome Baby #2 or "gummy bear" as Avery calls him/her.

I'm finally getting over the worst of the symptoms and I've only lost 5.5lbs but I am feeling great and baby is doing amazingly. We are just so excited!!

I will say the one thing I love about being pregnant is how much I crave fruits and veggies. It's insane. With Avery I ate salads and fuji apples nonstop and so far with this pregnancy it's mexican food and honeycrisp apples (and yes it has to be honeycrisp, not any other kind). My running is on hold for now which saddens me but with the Texas heat it's a small blessing and I get my morning walks in and by the time I'm home, I'm just as sweaty as if I had run 3miles. :)

Good things are coming!
-Britt The HLC

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

*Rant and foot stomp*

I have been MIA for far too long!

I hate how I seem to let this blog put such a panic in me sometimes. I started this blog just as a venting pool to share my journey and then I got sucked into all these other AMAZING blogs and felt like my blog was majorly lacking. Then I felt like I HAD to post everyday or come up with things to blog about that would grab people's attention and keep viewers and gain followers.....

So not what I started this for.

This is the second slump I have caught myself in and it's just dumb. Pardon me while I learn the hard way yet again that this is MY BLOG. I blog about what I WANT, WHEN I want and if people like it or learn from it, cool. If not, WHO CARES!

*End Rant*
Moving on.....