Wednesday, June 20, 2012

*Rant and foot stomp*

I have been MIA for far too long!

I hate how I seem to let this blog put such a panic in me sometimes. I started this blog just as a venting pool to share my journey and then I got sucked into all these other AMAZING blogs and felt like my blog was majorly lacking. Then I felt like I HAD to post everyday or come up with things to blog about that would grab people's attention and keep viewers and gain followers.....

So not what I started this for.

This is the second slump I have caught myself in and it's just dumb. Pardon me while I learn the hard way yet again that this is MY BLOG. I blog about what I WANT, WHEN I want and if people like it or learn from it, cool. If not, WHO CARES!

*End Rant*
Moving on.....


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