Wednesday, December 10, 2014

10 Reasons To Choose Young Living Essential Oils

Anyone who reads my blog knows I am a huge supporter of Young Living Essential Oils. It has been such a game changer for myself and my family. Gone are my husbands OTC allergy meds, my oldest daughter hasn't had Benadryl in months, my youngest has yet to have an ear infection from teething since I started using YLEO on her. My migraines are handled and that is just barely skimming the surface. I also use YLEO for cooking, cleaning and even on our pets.

If you are ever interested in Young Living Oils, how they are used, what goes into making them, how safe they are, recipes, testimonies, etc. PLEASE, don't hesitate to ask me. I'd love to share with you all the many ways they have helped me and my family. I also have samples. I just love sharing these oils. Period.

-Britt The HLC

Friday, December 5, 2014

December Young Living GIVEAWAY!

Have you heard the news buzzing from my Facebook page? I'm having one AWESOME giveaway this month, possibly even TWO!!

Go to my Facebook Page HERE

Follow the easy-peasy ways to enter and look for a winner announced December 12th!

Good Luck!

-Britt The HLC

Monday, December 1, 2014

December Running List

  1. Intro - The xx
  2. Keep Your Eyes Open - NEEDTOBREATHE
  3. Mess Is Mine - Vance Joy
  4. White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes
  5. This Too Shall Pass - OK Go
  6. Geronimo - Sheppard
  7. Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson
  8. You Make Me - Avicii
  9.  Kings and Queens - Thirty Second to Mars
  10. Fool - Sleeperstar
  11. Lovers On The Sun - David Guetta

Sunday, November 30, 2014


This month has been such a fun and relaxed month for me. So THANKFUL for the many Blessings in my life. For Family, Good Health, Friends, Cooking tons of food, Mellowing out more with the girls, the changing colors (Not that Texas gets much of it).....the list is long and I'm aware of how good it's been.

December is a whole new ballgame for my family. Besides the holidays, we have birthdays, anniversaries and  several school functions and work events. It's Bananas.

I'm sticking to my thoughts and feelings from my last post and I'm refusing to stress and panic about it all. I'm surprisingly ahead of the game this year (Famous last words for $1000!) but it's such a good feeling to not be overwhelmed or freaking out over gifts and the growing list of things to do!

I'm more just looking forward to more family time and more cooking a ton of food. Not having it stick to me or make me feel guilty is an added bonus.

Anything you are Thankful for as we say goodbye to November? Anything you are especially looking forward to in December?

Let me hear them!

-Britt The HLC

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just a Thought....

Sitting here listening to the new and FANTASTIC Sleeperstar album while enjoying my free Starbucks on a cold morning and I must say, these are the moments I truly enjoy the most.

With Thanksgiving a week away I usually find myself at a huge panic as it always feels like the holidays sneak up on us, not this year though. I find that while on this journey of healthy living, I've found more balance in all things. It's not just the eating better and being more active part that seems to have benefited me more but the entire uncluttering my life of all negativity in all its forms. Friendships, relationships, social media, negative thinking, self doubt, fighting to control things NOT in my control to even nixing certain TV and all adds up.

I'm far more relaxed, I don't find myself worrying about every little thing like I used to. I used to get overwhelmed so easily and now...hardly at all. Don't get me wrong, it's still a journey, the process is very much still in place. However, if you look at who I was 2 years ago to now, it's a clear and wonderful difference. Who'd of thought that it would be so easy?! Joking of course because it's totally not an overnight change at all and there were times in every front be it living healthy, living life or the living free part where I wanted to throw in the towel and just go back to not caring for myself, putting my happiness aside to make others happy with me was far easier as I yet again, Cared about the wrong things! My priorities have changed with having my own family and that has been the biggest help of all. Their support, their love and their understanding of what I needed to find and gain for MYSELF has been the best thing of all.

Ironically enough, it's never been about a number on a scale as so many people often assume and the most questions I get about this blog are about weight loss. No, it's about yourself as a whole. If you truly work hard to better yourself, the weight is just an added bonus, however it's way down low on that list of things you are rewarded by.

Find your strength, Find your voice, set goals for yourself and never take no for an answer when it comes to your happiness and overall well being. It's about and for YOU. Not anyone else and everyone is DIFFERENT.

Bring on the Holidays, the hoopla, the extra sweets and family. I'm totally ready.

Friday, November 7, 2014

November Running Mix

  1. Lovers on the sun (featuring Sam Martin) - David Guetta
  2. This Love - Taylor Swift
  3. Lost Without You - Sleeperstar
  4. Healthy Feast - Sam Martin
  5. Reunion - M83
  6. Paradise - Coldplay
  7. Take Me Home- Cash Cash
  8. Rather Be - Clean Bandit
  9. Who We Are- Imagine Dragons
  10. Fire and Fury - Skillet
  11. Remain - Royals Taylor
  12. When I Was A Boy- Sleeperstar
  Nothing themed this month, just another eclectic mix that just gets me moving. Enjoy!

Happy Tunes-
Britt The HLC

Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Running Mix

Cooler weather = More RUNNING!!!

Just one of my reasons for loving Fall as much as I do. No real theme, I've been digging new tunes and just like a very eclectic batch lately.


October Running Mix:

  1. Intro - The xx
  2. Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding
  3. All We Ask - Grizzly Bear
  4. Rather Be- Clean Bandit
  5. Take Me Home - Cash Cash
  6. Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes
  7. Multiplied - NEEDTOBREATH
  8. Overjoyed - Bastille
  9. Dark Into Light - AM & Shawn Lee
  10. Elastic Heart - Sia
  11. Forever - Youngblood Hawke
  12. Shake it Off - Taylor Swift

Happy Tunes-
Britt The HLC

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Foodie Pen Pal REVEAL!!!

I love doing the Foodie Pen Pal Program. I'm not as consistent as I used to be, but every month that I partake I always meet these amazing Bloggers and healthy minded people. This month was no different! I seriously love telling my fellow Bloggers about doing this because besides it being fun, you get yummy goodies from different areas. How cool is that?!

If you are interested in learning more or signing up check out all the rules and info at yet another awesome blog I love The Lean Green Bean

Now for the good stuff.....
My Foodie Pen Pal was Rachel. Check out her blog Oh Simple Thoughts (seriously, cutest blog site I visit.). She is fairly new to the Foodie Pen Pal program and I always tend to spoil my people a bit with lots of snacks. However, Rachel gave me probably one of the top 3 boxes in the 3 years I've done FPP. She either has amazing intuition, superior stalking skills or is very much like myself. Just check out these goodies!?

Such a lovely sight after a busy day.

 Justin's Nut Butters? Be still my heart, I literally go through this stuff at a ridiculous pace. I will say I was good and only ate one straight from the box with some nut thins. Ironically enough, I sent her some as well.

We all know how I love coffee and yet, I don't drink it as much as before since I'm doing more tea and water. So when I read this I thought, Blueberry cobbler? That's a little out there. I couldn't have been more pleasantly and deliciously surprised. This tastes so good and isn't overly fruity or sweet. It's rich and smooth and a wonderful combo. LOVE. it.
Check out the website: Strange Brew Coffee House and help support local shops!

 Then there were these gems. To be honest, they did not last long, especially after the Hubs tried the dark chocolate ones. Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, Also from Strange Brew Coffee House. Holy Yum.

 Finally, there was THIS. Rachel made me some of her homemade Spice Tea Mix.
Even the Hubs, who is NOT a tea drinker, asked me to make him a cup Saturday Morning on our first cool morning of Fall and he liked it. I add a small bit of milk and a teaspoon of agave nectar and one time even added a orange slice to it. Perfection. Citrus and sweet. So good. I learned the hard way though NOT to inhale to closely to the mix because you will inhale a little and it's no longer Christmas smelling when your choking. (Only I could pull that off, but it seriously smells so wonderful!)

Thank You Rachel! You spoiled me and introduced me to some new faves.

Sadly, with this months trip and our crazy schedules, I declined participating this month. Check back for another reveal post in November or even check out the ones from the past. :)

-Britt The HLC

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Simple Sunday

Sunday, the day of rest and relaxation, or as for me and my family, a day of friends, fellowship, food, family and FUN. I love Sundays.

True it's busy, with church, small group and last minute weekend wrap ups but it's also just my one day to not have EVERY. LITTLE. THING. Penciled in on my planner. I confess I'm THAT person who has everything planned and on numerous calendars through out the house, my purse, and yes even on my phone.I'm not a stickler on details but I like to know what my week looks like so I can be prepared. I'm a planner.
Not on Sundays though.
No. Sundays I know where I need to be and when. I enjoy myself, I spend time with family and sometimes even allow myself to take a nap. Life gets far too busy and we often tend to neglect giving ourselves the time and space to just unwind and not go 100mph.

Besides, these two refuse to slow down on the whole growing up thing....

So, it may be 1am but I'm going to sit here, eat my string cheese and pita chips and not think too much on the sink full of dishes awaiting me or the cluttered living room that looks exactly like two kids went crazy and brought in EVERY toy they posses and left me to find like a drunken scavenger hunt. I'll enjoy the solitude (for now) and simply just enjoy it.

Here's to the Simplicity,

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Back in the saddle again....

Life has been super busy for me the past few weeks. Between both girls fighting contagious illnesses I've been full on mommy mode and not so much HLC. I'm not complaining about it mind you.I love being mommy and the past 2 weeks have given me lots of down time and extra snuggles and cuddles with my girls that if healthy, they would never allow. I'll take it. Still though, I'm over all the germs and the sick days and not having much of a life outside of our house which has been our annoying prison it seems. We're busting out soon though.

I've officially signed up for my first 5k next month! It's been over a year since my last 5k and my husband has done 3!! I'm so ready to start running more and now that I have a better understanding of my Plantar Fasciitis, I know I can pace myself and manage it far better. I won't allow it to stop me so much as before. Between my PT tips and my YL Oils, I've totally got this.
Totally worth sharing as it has been the best treatment I've found in over 2 years of dealing with this.

Love sharing my testimonies with Young Living Essential oils, they have been MAJOR life changers for our family. From allergies, colds, cleaning, cooking to our pets even. We use them for everything. I'll be doing a giveaway soon on my FB page(The Healthy Living Chick) since I've been gaining new people lately. Make sure you check it out. I may even do another giveaway here on my blog come December, just in time for Christmas! So stay tuned for that as well.

Happy Saturday- Britt The HLC

Saturday, August 23, 2014

September Running Mix

I know it's not September yet, but as I'm getting ready for a world of changes in our home with school and going back to work this week (Yikes!). So I figured I'd get my play list ready ahead of time as I'm starting to slowly run again too. I'm a huge music fan so my playlists are usually a little bit of everything thrown together, you can usually see my mood clearly based on my mix. Also, I usually run in the early predawn hours so I need lots of upbeats and fast tempos to get me awake and focused.

Have any favorite tunes that help you run? Or does it hinder rather than help your workout?

-Britt The HLC

September Running Mix.

  1. Wake (Studio Version) - Hillsong
  2. Apocalypse -Sleeperstar  
  3. Break Every Chain - The Digital Age Evening
  4. Kings and Queens -Thirty Seconds to Mars
  5. Midnight City - M83
  6. Chasing You - Bethel Music & Jenn Johnson
  7. More of You -Colton Dixon
  8. Waste -Foster The People
  9. Letting Go -Bethel Music
  10. Forever (Radio Version) -Kari Jobe
  11. We Are Brave -Shawn McDonald
  12. Paradise -Coldplay
  13. Do Or Die (Afrojack vs. THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS Remix) -Afrojack
  14. My Tears Are Becoming a Sea - M83

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Starting Anew.

   I've been sitting here for an hour now willing the keyboard to type something worth reading, lame right? I feel so out of place and out of focus on restarting this blog. Yet, if I'm honest (Which on here is always), I also spent a bit of time yesterday rereading it from the very beginning and felt very proud of it.

I took it for granted as an outlet and fun way of keeping myself accountable!

Re-reading all the milestones, the fails and victory's. Reading about the things I finally accepted about myself and to see the transition of me FINALLY letting go of needless insecurities and feeling like I could conquer any challenge, it's empowering and humbling to read my thoughts from then.

So I've decided to keep with the old themes. I like them, they fit. Not to mention I'm pretty sure they will keep me motivated as life enters a new routine and chapter in my household next week. You can read all about my ideas Here .

Also, be sure to check out my pages above. I've added a few including information about Young Living Essential Oils. They are a huge part of our home and I love them so much and believe in the products as well that I'm now a distributor. Ask me for my testimony anytime, I love sharing with people what they have done for me and my family!

Also, be sure to check out my HLC FB Page for updates, random thoughts and special things.

Okay, I'm officially rambling now. Some things never change sadly.....

In closing, THANK YOU for being here. For taking the time to read my blog means more than you know to this average joe-schmoe .

Enjoy your Sunday,
Britt The HLC

Monday, August 11, 2014

2 years later....

It's been almost 2 years since my last post. TWO. YEARS. It's time for a revival of The HLC and it's happeneing NOW. Please be patient as I update everything on my blog. I will maintain my pages and meaning behind this blog but I'm no longer focusing on losing weight and pushing for it. My focus now is on living a healthy life by making healthy choices and decisions daily. It's what I strived for in the beginning of this journey, what I became successful at doing for myself and my family and what I've managed to continue to do successfully. Not much will be changing, even though I myself have. My family is Happy, Healthy and Thriving. Excited to share again, Britt TheHLC