Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tis the Season- To get real.

Ever come across an old photo of yourself and wonder "Wow, I wish I could look like that again."? I find it funny how when I find old pictures of myself I laugh and internally chide myself for thinking I was fat back then when I was actually not at all!!! This picture is right before Evan proposed to me, so circa 2004 before marriage and babies.

Life has been hectic and busy in my world which has ensued in me being the worst blogger!!

Can we say S-L-A-C-K-E-R? :)

As I'm sitting here sorting out my thoughts my living room looks like I robbed Santa and the dining room is full of empty suitcases with stacks of folded clothes beside them or in other words....guess who is putting off packing and organizing for their Christmas trip later today? I'm very excited about this trip though, 12 days full of family, travel and sweet memories for A to have.

Speaking of Miss A, she turned the big 3 on Monday!!! Very exciting in our home and we now have more dolls and baby accessories then I would like to admit. I thought it was sweet though when as E was assembling her new doll size stroller she said "Look, mommy we go walk together now?!"

How I can not wait to get the ball moving on my running again. E and I have signed up for a few 5ks as I have mentioned in a previous post and once we're back from our trip we'll literally be hitting the ground running.

I hate that I took a 2 month hiatus from running and working out. I feel like all my efforts since August and those amazing 13 pounds I lost were for nothing. Yes, injuries happen and yes you will come across set backs but in the end it's truly up to you on how you handle those things and how you stay fit and eat healthy. Once my back injury threw me out of running, I sorta put my hands up with the holidays being so near and said "Meh" when I should have said "time to find other solutions until I'm back on board again"

I won't lie. I've purposely avoided the scale. I'm no fool, I know I've gained some if not all the weight back. As odd as it may seem though...I'm not sure I really care so much about it now. I still feel comfortable in my skin, I truly do like what I see in the mirror. Albeit it from time to time that's after a shower, some tweezing and a good 10 minutes sorting through a make-up bag but hey! it is what it is.

I think I'm more ready to break some running goals rather than focus on the weight part like I typically tend to do. I'm a firm believer in the whole "The reward is only what the work brings forth" type thing. Feel me?

I'm so excited for this New Year. Anyone else have a few goals they are wanting to set for New Years? Any resolutions? I mean, do people still do those or has America just completly stopped all things traditional?

I wish you all a wonderful and exciting Christmas and hope you enjoy it with your family. I'll be back around the 30th with some fun updates and pictures to share from my trip.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Running Mix.

Yes, I am aware December is almost half way through and I had yet to post my work out list. Since I'm unable to run or work out as usual I kinda neglected my poor iPod but then E asked me to make us a few playlists for our road trip next week and to humor him with a PT playlist. (what can I say, my hubby knows how to perk my mood and motivate me). Be warned, it's an ecclectic mix this month. :)

December Play List-
1. "Such Great Heights" - The Postal Service
2. "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" - Cage The Elephant (My brothers choice, kinda catchy)
3. "Come Undone" - Duran Duran
4. "Helena Beat" - Foster The People
5. "We Found Love"  - Rhianna
6. "Song 2" - Blur (currently the song A sings and dances to daily)
7. "Strong Enough" - Matthew West
8. "Love You Like A Love Song" - Selena Gomez & The Scene
9. "Paradise" - Coldplay
10. "We Owned The Night" - Lady Antebellum
11. "Heartbeat" - The Fray
12. "Better Than it Looks" - Phoenix
13. "Cracks (Featuring Belle Humble) {Flux Pavillion Remix}" - Freestylers (UKF Dubstep 2010)

Anyone out there have a fun mix to share or a new Artist/Song they have found to motivate them lately? I'm all ears. :)

Stay Healthy & WARM,

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Side lined.

My perfect little family enjoying the Holiday season.

So, gym never happened. Yep, not even close. To add more crummy timing right now...turns out some minor back/hip pain I've been having for about 2 weeks is in fact a strained/pulled muscle.

What does that mean?

It means no exercising, weight training or running for at least 3 weeks. It also meant a steroid shot in my hip and poor E having to listen to me complain about how uncomfortable I am 24/7 and sweet A can't understand why mommy just can not pick her up right now. :(

I'm not even sure how I did this to myself. I do not recall anything happening while bending that caused me super pain. I will say however the last time my hips and lower back hurt this way was when I was PG with Avery and anyone who has ever been pregnant understands that nagging ache I am talking about. IT NEVER GOES AWAY!

*sigh* I will say though, that I did sign up for a 5k in Feb which will make 3 total for that month alone. E is joining me and a friend and frankly, I think this one is GENIUS! Check it out..

The weekend before and following weekend we'll be doing this run. The one in Austin first and then the one in Dallas!!!!

So yeah, there's that.

I'll probably post from our trip still and share some both non and healthy snack or meals I make. :)

Have any Holiday faves you just can't say no to?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Before I even start this entry up I have to stop for a second and share my latest obsession.... Yeah, try it and fall in love! I've tried Greek yogurts before and found them to be bitter and just blah and the first time I gave this a try I wasn't impressed either but now....yeah.... I especially love it with Peach, Goji Berry and Honey. Mmmm Mmmm mmmm.

Call it this crazy cold weather Texas is having, it's currently 29 and expected to go as low as 25 tonight (Um, Snow? really?!) or business with life (valid but not acceptable) or even the guilt I'm feeling about my work-out failure last month as I sit here crying while I watch the Biggest Loser.

In the words of my toddler...."Mommy, youuve got splainin do!"

I did not run or workout at the gym a single day last month! Yep, what a waste of $32.92

CORRECTION: I ran 1.4 miles in North Carolina


I wish I had the motivation I seem to think I have. I honestly do not understand how I let a whole month go by! I intend to get my tush back to the gym in the morning and refuse to leave until I am miserable (the good kind and yes, it exist). I have 2 races coming up in Feb. so I also need to get my rear out running regardless of how cold it is. E told me to just remind myself that the sooner I get my run over the sooner I can get warmer and that should help me reach my personal goal. Isn't he a gem? :)

I have so much going on and to prepare for. I'll be going on a very quick day trip with my Father-in-love to NM on the 16th, A's family Birthday shin-dig on the 18th, her 3rd birthday on the 19th, then Christmas in a cabin in the mountains of NM, followed by a few days with family in Colorado, then our Anniversary and of course NYE. December is BUSY.

Help keep me accountable folks, ream me out if you need to or better yet, share your motivation and what keeps you in motion. A friend told me I should post a picture of me at my heaviest in the bathroom mirror so I see it every time I look.

*Blog Note* I'm ready to make my mark in the blog world. E has agreed I can buy my own Domain and I think I'm going to do it and start taking my blog to the next step with more pics and food sharing and all that jazz. I'm really excited about this and I know after December I'll have more time to focus with.

Also, once I reach 10 followers I plan on doing my first giveaway!!!

So much to get excited over.