Saturday, August 23, 2014

September Running Mix

I know it's not September yet, but as I'm getting ready for a world of changes in our home with school and going back to work this week (Yikes!). So I figured I'd get my play list ready ahead of time as I'm starting to slowly run again too. I'm a huge music fan so my playlists are usually a little bit of everything thrown together, you can usually see my mood clearly based on my mix. Also, I usually run in the early predawn hours so I need lots of upbeats and fast tempos to get me awake and focused.

Have any favorite tunes that help you run? Or does it hinder rather than help your workout?

-Britt The HLC

September Running Mix.

  1. Wake (Studio Version) - Hillsong
  2. Apocalypse -Sleeperstar  
  3. Break Every Chain - The Digital Age Evening
  4. Kings and Queens -Thirty Seconds to Mars
  5. Midnight City - M83
  6. Chasing You - Bethel Music & Jenn Johnson
  7. More of You -Colton Dixon
  8. Waste -Foster The People
  9. Letting Go -Bethel Music
  10. Forever (Radio Version) -Kari Jobe
  11. We Are Brave -Shawn McDonald
  12. Paradise -Coldplay
  13. Do Or Die (Afrojack vs. THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS Remix) -Afrojack
  14. My Tears Are Becoming a Sea - M83

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Starting Anew.

   I've been sitting here for an hour now willing the keyboard to type something worth reading, lame right? I feel so out of place and out of focus on restarting this blog. Yet, if I'm honest (Which on here is always), I also spent a bit of time yesterday rereading it from the very beginning and felt very proud of it.

I took it for granted as an outlet and fun way of keeping myself accountable!

Re-reading all the milestones, the fails and victory's. Reading about the things I finally accepted about myself and to see the transition of me FINALLY letting go of needless insecurities and feeling like I could conquer any challenge, it's empowering and humbling to read my thoughts from then.

So I've decided to keep with the old themes. I like them, they fit. Not to mention I'm pretty sure they will keep me motivated as life enters a new routine and chapter in my household next week. You can read all about my ideas Here .

Also, be sure to check out my pages above. I've added a few including information about Young Living Essential Oils. They are a huge part of our home and I love them so much and believe in the products as well that I'm now a distributor. Ask me for my testimony anytime, I love sharing with people what they have done for me and my family!

Also, be sure to check out my HLC FB Page for updates, random thoughts and special things.

Okay, I'm officially rambling now. Some things never change sadly.....

In closing, THANK YOU for being here. For taking the time to read my blog means more than you know to this average joe-schmoe .

Enjoy your Sunday,
Britt The HLC

Monday, August 11, 2014

2 years later....

It's been almost 2 years since my last post. TWO. YEARS. It's time for a revival of The HLC and it's happeneing NOW. Please be patient as I update everything on my blog. I will maintain my pages and meaning behind this blog but I'm no longer focusing on losing weight and pushing for it. My focus now is on living a healthy life by making healthy choices and decisions daily. It's what I strived for in the beginning of this journey, what I became successful at doing for myself and my family and what I've managed to continue to do successfully. Not much will be changing, even though I myself have. My family is Happy, Healthy and Thriving. Excited to share again, Britt TheHLC