Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just an update....

I would say being pregnant puts a bit of a damper on the whole being healthy format but honestly, I've only gained a pound so far. (sure that's going change at my next appointment)

I've been on bed rest for over a week now due to braxton hicks and I must say I don't understand how they can consider it rest when your twice as tired as normal and boredom drives you crazy. Evan took me on a drive the other night with Avery just so I could not stare at the same four walls. It was a nice change for an hour!

So now with my BH being a huge bummer in my pregnancy I can no longer work out or go for my daily walks. So I went through some of my favorite sites and blogs and looked into a lot of low impact exercises regimes for pregnancy I also went to the Mecca known as pinterest for healthy recipes and other helpful ideas.

Any of you fellow healthy minded bloggers ever have to change a regime due to pregnancy or illness? What worked for you?

 I'm starting yoga on Monday as well as doing more toning excercises for my upper back and arms not with a goal or anything in mind but just to say active during my pregnancy. As far as healthy eating, this baby craves good stuff so far (Pie is healthy right!?). Seriously though, I can't get enough fresh fruit and veggies which was exactly how it was with Avery and water is the only thing I drink besides unsweet tea on  occassion. Which as a Texas girl is just crazy to me but I can't stand sweet tea when I'm pregnant. I tease Evan that it's a form of paternity since his family is all about UNsweet tea and only when I'm pregnant do I like it as well as a few things his mom makes different from me.

I'll close with my latest baby bump pic. We find out Tuesday what the baby is, is it weird that I'm nervous? I was totally wrong with Avery and this baby has me clueless, I have no clue what's in there. No inklings, no feelings or hunches.

Britt The HLC

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Update & Such...

I realize I am failing at blogging lately, trust me it's not intentional. Life has been busy this summer and I just haven't had much free time. Which will be changing soon. :)

So whats been going on lately?

  • I went super Blondie and chopped off my hair. (Loving it!)

  •  Due to my volunteer gig at the shelter I am now fostering kittens, I currently have 5 little guys and a litter of 2week olds with the momma still taking care of them, my poor hands and legs look like I've been running through bushes.

  • Wedding season of course.

  • Plus staying busy with the baby bump. I'm 16wks today and we find out if we are team Pink or Blue on the 21st!!!!!
  • Baby bump @ 14wks

  • Throw in a camping trip, Ranger game, pool time and family time, it's just been a fun and busy summer.

How about you?!