Saturday, August 4, 2012

Update & Such...

I realize I am failing at blogging lately, trust me it's not intentional. Life has been busy this summer and I just haven't had much free time. Which will be changing soon. :)

So whats been going on lately?

  • I went super Blondie and chopped off my hair. (Loving it!)

  •  Due to my volunteer gig at the shelter I am now fostering kittens, I currently have 5 little guys and a litter of 2week olds with the momma still taking care of them, my poor hands and legs look like I've been running through bushes.

  • Wedding season of course.

  • Plus staying busy with the baby bump. I'm 16wks today and we find out if we are team Pink or Blue on the 21st!!!!!
  • Baby bump @ 14wks

  • Throw in a camping trip, Ranger game, pool time and family time, it's just been a fun and busy summer.

How about you?!

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