Sunday, September 28, 2014

Simple Sunday

Sunday, the day of rest and relaxation, or as for me and my family, a day of friends, fellowship, food, family and FUN. I love Sundays.

True it's busy, with church, small group and last minute weekend wrap ups but it's also just my one day to not have EVERY. LITTLE. THING. Penciled in on my planner. I confess I'm THAT person who has everything planned and on numerous calendars through out the house, my purse, and yes even on my phone.I'm not a stickler on details but I like to know what my week looks like so I can be prepared. I'm a planner.
Not on Sundays though.
No. Sundays I know where I need to be and when. I enjoy myself, I spend time with family and sometimes even allow myself to take a nap. Life gets far too busy and we often tend to neglect giving ourselves the time and space to just unwind and not go 100mph.

Besides, these two refuse to slow down on the whole growing up thing....

So, it may be 1am but I'm going to sit here, eat my string cheese and pita chips and not think too much on the sink full of dishes awaiting me or the cluttered living room that looks exactly like two kids went crazy and brought in EVERY toy they posses and left me to find like a drunken scavenger hunt. I'll enjoy the solitude (for now) and simply just enjoy it.

Here's to the Simplicity,

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