Saturday, November 19, 2011

Newbie Alert!

Although I have been running for over a year, I failed at running in colder weather. Yep, if it was below say, 50* I was inside on a treadmill or walking the mall instead of braving it outside. This year, I do not want to be trapped by the gym treadmill, I want to hike the trails by my house, I want to run with flush cheeks and ear muffs (If Texas even gets that cold).

For Christmas this year, my family and I will be traveling to New Mexico, Colorado and Missouri and I will be bringing my running gear just as I did for our last vacation and when I went to North Carolina. But I have a dilemma...

I own ZERO cold weather running gear. In fact, have no idea where to even start on what I need or what works well.

Any tips out there? Any brands that I should avoid or go for? I know I'll be good with some running leggings and a long sleeve running shirt or hoodie I just don't want to be buried in non-breathable fabric. knowing my luck though, we'll be in blizzard conditions while traveling and Texas may end up with a ton of snow....who knows.

Alright, I've given you something to think on for a bit.. I'm off to bake something I'll regret eating tomorrow. ;)

Happy Saturday,

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  1. I'm trying to build up my cold weather running gear as well, and so far I've picked up these 2 running capris: