Sunday, April 15, 2012

8 months later....

8 months ago I made a choice.

I made myself a priority. I put my health, my happiness, my self esteem and my well being into prospective. I started making different and new types of sacrifices, I got educated, got focused, got involved with activities that helped motivate me. I let go of unhealthy friendships and relationships and in the process have met some amazing new friends and connections.

I still have a way to go to reach some personal goals but after 8 months...

1st time I have EVER felt good in a dress in almost 6 years!

My amazing Husband, so supportive and inspiring with his own journey to living healthy.(42lbs down)

This is what HLC is all about.

I was in a friends wedding this weekend and during the whole process of helping her plan and make this wedding happen I noticed a lot of differences in the old me verses the new me. The old me would never have agreed to wear a dress like these. I would have requested being covered head to toe and in something not flesh colored. The shoes were also foreign to me with towering heels, bright glitter and a lot of sex appeal. (pain, oh they were painful to wear). The old me would have cried over how insecure I felt and would have been miserable the entire day. Not happy, smiling and feeling amazing in front of a church full of people. The old me would have headed for the wine and cake at the reception and sat in the far corner of the room with a plate full of food; not skip them both and just enjoy being with friends. Oh the old me would have been miserable and left early and felt guilty days later.

Little changes, results from little choices have truly made me who I am today and I am so amazed that I have let 8 months go by and I'm still sticking with this! I'm happy. I'm truly happy and I'm learning that the old me was focused and dwelt on the wrong priorities and used every excuse to not look at herself in the mirror and face the music on how bad she was treating herself.

It's not about the weight, in fact, the less I dwell on it, the easier it is to lose (14lbs down). The less I worry about all the non important keys of losing weight and gaining confidence the more happy I am in my own skin. The more confidence I have and the more I realize how truly blessed I am.

Have you ever had an "aha!" moment about yourself?