Tuesday, April 24, 2012

HLC goes Blonde.


After years and years (well, okay 9) of asking or offering to let me try going blonde, I took Evan up almost as a dare or "yeah, that'd be fun for summer" thing and I have to say....I'm totally liking this.  I've always thought of trying to go drastic from my dark hair, I mean I was blonde the first 3 years of my life and was pretty cute. I can rock an auburn do with burgundy highlights like no other especially with short hair.

This time around though I put complete faith in a long time friend who also happens to be my stylist and for once (she told me last time to lose some weight before I chop my hair so short, ha) she said "Let's try it out" so off I went after Megans wedding to get my hair chopped off and to lighten my hair a shade or two (since I have no desire to go full blonde in one day). When I got to the salon though we decided to do all over highlights and low lights and test it out for a month. Again, I love it. I'm super excited to go back and get more blonde put in and test it out for the summer. The old me would never take such a bold risk, let alone feel so confident simply over a hair cut.

So far I've gotten positive feedback and only my mothers semi "ohh, well, that's new". I even ran into an ex at the grocery store and he didn't know who I was!!! (which was awesome)

What do YOU think?

Here we go!

Rockin' the foil...

Goodbye 6 inches!!!

TA Da!


Oh Yeah!

Have you ever taken a risk with your appearance to make yourself feel good?

Living Free,
Britt the HLC


  1. Hey Brittnye! I just came upon you blog and am so happy I found it! You are like a breath of fresh air! I'm also apart of the Healthy Living Blogger Community, it's awesome isn't it? I LOVE your hair cut! The blonde looks younger and fresher, now you just need a preppy little dress and you're the cutest thing ever :p! I look forward to reading your blog :-)

  2. Aw, how fun! I love the colors :) I love having red streaks in mine... but it fades so dang fast...