Saturday, May 12, 2012

Living Life.

Ever since I started HLC I set out on a serious mission. To actually practice what I was preaching! Living Healthy, Living Life, Living Free. Three very easy (or seemingly easy) rules to live by to live a full, happy, healthy and regret free life. Right? Add in a blog for accountability purposes and Ta-Da!

In the 9 months of my transition I have hit several high and low points (I am human after all) but the biggest thing was that I am sticking to it! Do I blog all the time? No. Do I benge eat or do crazy diets? No. Do I exercises every day? Not close. However. Do I eat healthier and make better food choices? Yes. Do I guilt myself for having dessert? No. Do I exercise regularly? Yes.

It's all about your perspective and your ambition. Setting realistic goals and reminding yourself that it's okay to go at it on your rules and at your pace. It doesn't matter if your blog doesn't look as cool as others you read, it's not about how many followers you have, how often you post, if you don't count calories, join a gym, follow a workout routine or if you only run 3 days a week.

Do it for YOU. Do what makes YOU happy.

Alright well, enough beating around the bush...

In the part of living free and figuring out a way to help my goals for this chapter of living a healthy lifestyle I made a bucket list...yes, a bucket list. I made one years back in an old journal and every once in awhile when I stumble upon it I have been able to add the dates to the events after I cross it off the list and that feeling, as quick and seemingly nonimportant makes me so happy and feel accomplished.

A bucket list doesn't have to necessarily be these HUGE events, they can be small goals or dreams that you set out to obtain. It can be a vision board you visually see everyday, a small checklist you check often, anything you wish to make it.

Mine is simply an updated list from my old list I made in 2003. Once I accomplish something from the list, I take a photo (if applicable) and write an entry about it. Like my latest accomplishment on my bucket list.

I wanna know: If YOU had a bucket list, what would be on it?

Britt The HLC

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