Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just a Thought....

Sitting here listening to the new and FANTASTIC Sleeperstar album while enjoying my free Starbucks on a cold morning and I must say, these are the moments I truly enjoy the most.

With Thanksgiving a week away I usually find myself at a huge panic as it always feels like the holidays sneak up on us, not this year though. I find that while on this journey of healthy living, I've found more balance in all things. It's not just the eating better and being more active part that seems to have benefited me more but the entire uncluttering my life of all negativity in all its forms. Friendships, relationships, social media, negative thinking, self doubt, fighting to control things NOT in my control to even nixing certain TV and all adds up.

I'm far more relaxed, I don't find myself worrying about every little thing like I used to. I used to get overwhelmed so easily and now...hardly at all. Don't get me wrong, it's still a journey, the process is very much still in place. However, if you look at who I was 2 years ago to now, it's a clear and wonderful difference. Who'd of thought that it would be so easy?! Joking of course because it's totally not an overnight change at all and there were times in every front be it living healthy, living life or the living free part where I wanted to throw in the towel and just go back to not caring for myself, putting my happiness aside to make others happy with me was far easier as I yet again, Cared about the wrong things! My priorities have changed with having my own family and that has been the biggest help of all. Their support, their love and their understanding of what I needed to find and gain for MYSELF has been the best thing of all.

Ironically enough, it's never been about a number on a scale as so many people often assume and the most questions I get about this blog are about weight loss. No, it's about yourself as a whole. If you truly work hard to better yourself, the weight is just an added bonus, however it's way down low on that list of things you are rewarded by.

Find your strength, Find your voice, set goals for yourself and never take no for an answer when it comes to your happiness and overall well being. It's about and for YOU. Not anyone else and everyone is DIFFERENT.

Bring on the Holidays, the hoopla, the extra sweets and family. I'm totally ready.

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