Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Before I even start this entry up I have to stop for a second and share my latest obsession.... Yeah, try it and fall in love! I've tried Greek yogurts before and found them to be bitter and just blah and the first time I gave this a try I wasn't impressed either but now....yeah.... I especially love it with Peach, Goji Berry and Honey. Mmmm Mmmm mmmm.

Call it this crazy cold weather Texas is having, it's currently 29 and expected to go as low as 25 tonight (Um, Snow? really?!) or business with life (valid but not acceptable) or even the guilt I'm feeling about my work-out failure last month as I sit here crying while I watch the Biggest Loser.

In the words of my toddler...."Mommy, youuve got splainin do!"

I did not run or workout at the gym a single day last month! Yep, what a waste of $32.92

CORRECTION: I ran 1.4 miles in North Carolina


I wish I had the motivation I seem to think I have. I honestly do not understand how I let a whole month go by! I intend to get my tush back to the gym in the morning and refuse to leave until I am miserable (the good kind and yes, it exist). I have 2 races coming up in Feb. so I also need to get my rear out running regardless of how cold it is. E told me to just remind myself that the sooner I get my run over the sooner I can get warmer and that should help me reach my personal goal. Isn't he a gem? :)

I have so much going on and to prepare for. I'll be going on a very quick day trip with my Father-in-love to NM on the 16th, A's family Birthday shin-dig on the 18th, her 3rd birthday on the 19th, then Christmas in a cabin in the mountains of NM, followed by a few days with family in Colorado, then our Anniversary and of course NYE. December is BUSY.

Help keep me accountable folks, ream me out if you need to or better yet, share your motivation and what keeps you in motion. A friend told me I should post a picture of me at my heaviest in the bathroom mirror so I see it every time I look.

*Blog Note* I'm ready to make my mark in the blog world. E has agreed I can buy my own Domain and I think I'm going to do it and start taking my blog to the next step with more pics and food sharing and all that jazz. I'm really excited about this and I know after December I'll have more time to focus with.

Also, once I reach 10 followers I plan on doing my first giveaway!!!

So much to get excited over.



  1. Don't be too hard on youself. I think it's especially hard to keep ourselves, and especially our health/well-being, at the forefront of our priorities this time of year. Not an excuse, but definitely not outrageous that fitness tends to slip.

    That said, I will be holding you accountable and following up tomorrow to ensure that you've followed through with your workout. :) Please do the same for me! My half is at the end of January and I've already lost steam.

  2. DEAL! I want you to take a picture during your run tomorrow that shows you actually did RUN. I'll take a pic of me at the GYM.