Sunday, September 4, 2011

That Awkward First Post.


It's official. Healthy Living Chick Blog is now up and running. Now what am I supposed to do?

I know I was supposed to start yesterday after my announcement but truth is, I wound up getting into a huge mind-freak over how I would kick off this new chapter in my life. Don't you hate that!? I mean, the reality of my family's healthy living transition is real. We cleaned out the pantry, re-stocked with non junk, educated ourselves with some books and ventured into new stores to find the said non junk items, we joined a gym, etc. But for this blog and it's original purpose I feel like once I get started I may let people down and that's not what this is about.

So, here's some standard things.

  • I am NOT a professional dietician, nutrionist, excercise expert. I am simply a 26 year old woman who stopped putting herself first and is finally ready to make a change in her life and in her family's life so we may be better and healthier. If your looking to lose weight, start running, bettering yourself, etc. Talk to a professional first and do your research. I'm just here to help inspire and give a few laughs as I share my personal journey.

  • This is a Blog. Therefore, I may or may not post everyday. It's for me to choose. What I post, what I learn, what I share is all up to me. I'm doing this for me. If you don't like it, if you don't agree with something, I'm all ears. I love feedback and I love learning new things so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts or feelings on anything I may post. You choose to read it just like I choose to post it.

  • My Blog is open to the public masses right now. I will be sharing personal pictures and info on occasion so I only ask that you be respectful of that and ASK before using or taking or sharing anything of a personal matter to me. (i.e- pictures of my family, pictures of me). I sadly have had a past issue with this and ended up going private for awhile and I want this blog to be available for others who are where I am in life and need encouragement and motivation. So Please, be respectful.

  • If you like what you find here, pass me along to other friends. Sharing is caring.

So those are the basics I guess. My goal for this blog is for it to be fun, informative and inspiring for others. I'm no expert on ANYTHING in here (check back in a year then we'll see.). I'm new to this, new to it all and feel like it's a foreign country to be honest and I have no map or translator.

I've also, in a weird attempt to make this fun for eveyone, have come up with themes for certain posts on certain days.

Monday's Musings

Body Image Tuesday

Nom Nom Wednesday

Ten Things Thursday

Free For All Friday

Music Saturday

Simple Sunday

For each day, I'll have something to share on the topic as well as a regular post, it may not be a DAILY thing but the days I do post I will stick with the theme. That way I can share workouts, music I jam to, recepies I've tried, my weight loss journey, my soap box episode (haha) and more. I'm excited about this, this weekend was a first on a number of levels as far as choosing what to buy, preparing a healthy meal, sticking with a workout, and eating a set amount of calories rather than what we used to do. Also, my family has for the most part enjoyed some of the changes that have been made. I'm aware it can't happen over night but seeing as we're 3 days in and we're not crying or dying...I'd say this is looking to be a very good start.

What are some things you'd like to see on my blog?


  1. Looking forward to reading about your journey!

  2. Love it and love YOU! Looks great, keep up the good work!