Monday, October 17, 2011

First 5k!!

If this weekend could have been any busier, I may have had to call in from life tomorrow!

Well, I'm here. Which can only mean one thing. I SURVIVED MY FIRST 5k! :)

I must say I had such a blast! The people were great, the weather was perfect and aside from a little mud, the trail was awesome (concrete, gravel, mud, grass, small hills and more!). I wish I had taken more pictures that entire morning but I only got one of Michelle and I after the race while we were snacking on some yummy Panera Bread bagels.

I got up at 6:15am, showered, ate a banana and then got nervous. I probably tried on 9 different tops and judged myself in the mirror about each one before settling on my oh so comfy and over worn laps for little ones tee to go with my running Capri's. Then it was go time! I walked to the race since it was being hosted at the park close to my home, I used that 10min walk as a pump it up time and warm-up with some good pacing and funky music.

Met up with Michelle who looked so adorable in all her "Yeah, I'm pregnant!" glow as we decided our best way to tackle this 5k and started chit chatting with a few fellow runners she knew from her running class (Seriously thinking of joining one). Since Michelle is pregnant we decided to just have fun and walk the entire 5k rather than the 1-mile walk, although Michelle did assure me over and over again to just "Go for it if you feel the need!" but to be honest I was just excited that I was there and actually completing something I set out to do!!!!

We chatted about running goals, past experiences, friends, relationships, church, faith and pregnancy stuff and enjoyed a wonderful cool morning with not a cloud in the sky. So amazing and so needed. It truly just fueled my fire to be more active in the jogging community. There's a 5k this weekend in Denton but I'm not going to do it due to previous plans but I am very much looking forward to the Reindeer Romp and Turkey Trot.

My official end time was 49min 50sec http://

Yeah, for walking the entire thing I'm pretty proud of myself. Come next month when E and I do a Thanksgiving run...I'll be running the 5k so we'll see how I improve from then. :)

I must also mention that as soon as I walked back home, I changed shirts and socks and made my way back out the door to the Texas State Fair and did not return home until after midnight! That's 16 hours on my feet (meh, take off maybe 2 hours for sitting) and in steady motion.

My calves hate me today. I mean H-A-T-E me. I love it. HA

Let the addiciton take flight, I love this extra energy!


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  1. SO proud of you, girl. Come to ATX and let's do a 5K together.