Friday, October 28, 2011

Be Back Soon....

I'm sitting here sipping my vanilla coke zero and nibbling on my granola bits when I should be back in the bedroom finishing up my last minute cleaning list and packing.

I fly to North Carolina tomorrow morning for 7 days. I'll also be going ALONE. This will be the first time I've traveled alone and only the 3rd time I have left A for longer than a day. I know E and my amazing in-loves will be able to handle her but the mom in me is feeling beyond guilty right now, and I haven't even left yet!!

Pray for me, sweet readers. This week will be exciting as I visit my sister and my newborn niece and help her get in the swing of mommyhood, but it'll also be hard for me to not be with A for such a long period of time.

E also teased me this morning as I laid out everything I planned on packing. "You know you have more running gear than actual clothes to wear, right?"...Yes, dear I'm aware. :) I'm just a little excited to go running/hiking in the mountains.

Have a great week everyone, I'll have some fun post lined up when I get back.(Pics too!)



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