Monday, October 24, 2011

...Then it happened....

I hope you all had a great weekend. I am enjoying the roller coaster that is known at Texas weather with highs and lows all over the place. This weekend was very pleasant though and I regret not getting to run during it but E and I took A to a concert on Saturday to support and watch a dear friend perform in a band he's in. Check out Sleeperstar on iTunes!! Or go here (shameless plug for the ones I love.)

So today I had a realization that has probably taken me 15 years to figure out and in the most bizarre place I could ever think of it to happen. While standing on the scale. I almost put revelation, but it's not a revelation when it's been kind of clear as day to anyone who knows me. The last 6 weeks have been both hard and overall amazing for me. I'm eating healthier, I'm exercising more, I'm taking time for ME! Something I hardly ever allowed myself without feeling guilty. The results are a few pounds lost, more confidence in myself, less stress and way more energy than I've had in years and so so much more personally for me.

My goals seem attainable without outside help or motivation. I love running and going into the gym and even when I have my weird inner self confidence issues on how I look to others or go through my closet 3 times over to find something I'm comfortable in and making sure it's not a t-shirt EVERYDAY with my comfy's not riddled with anxiety and panic.

I've accepted who I am on the outside and guess what...

(A took this pic of me on sat., my 2 year old is too smart)

I also have to just say to you, sweet reader that you are, that you are also BEAUTIFUL. I wish that we as a society had never put titles or labels on people or made beauty based on a number or a size. I've wasted so much life by worrying about those petty things. I've cried too many tears over it and my childhood was full of wayyyy too many bullies that I allowed to have power over me because I was just a different kind of beautiful, one that is suggested not to be accepted by people and for what reason?

So I embrace my stretch marks, my calves rock and I know some who wish they had my bust. My hair is awesome and my smile is cherished by my hubby and sweet daughter. I'm happy. I'm healthy and it's only getting better the more I allow myself to see and believe this.

I can only hope and pray you see this in yourself as well.

Stay Healthy!

HLC :)

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