Thursday, March 22, 2012

Closure and Reality

After reading the update from her amazing blog I had to take a few minutes to let my emotions out.

They finally found Sherry. She gets to go home, her family gets to restart the grieving process and they get what we all get, her family, her town and running community, friends, students.


Although I doubt any of us truly figure out the whys of this senseless and tragic murder of a woman simply doing what so many of us do everyday by random strangers consumed by drugs. It truly saddens me to know that we are not safe anywhere. Sherry was in the comfort of her run, surrounded by the country she loved and grew up with, I doubt she had any inkling to what would happen to her a few miles from her home just minutes after getting out of bed beside her husband and  setting out as she did every morning.

I simply can not understand any of this.

I hope her family rests now with her being home finally at peace, I hope they  get justice with Sherry's murders going to trial soon and I hope they know how, even though it's not under the greatest of circumstances, far from it actually, just how much of an impact Sherry has made on SO many people across the globe.

During the virtual run I ran the Hot Chocolate 5k and saw so many others wearing their Sherry bibs in her honor and I knew then it was worth it. To pay tribute to another fellow runner when it's clear to me how much of a community it truly is.

Be safe, fellow runners. Be passionate, be free and always remember why we run and often who we run for.

-Britt The HLC

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