Monday, March 5, 2012

March Madness!!

No, this is NOT a post about basketball. Your safe, I promise.

It's only 5 days into March and I have been split in so many places I feel like I'm literally spinning. With that said, I shouldn't be sitting here updating you with mundane news on the blog when I have 2 places I should be other than sitting on my rear typing.

Thursday was my Birthday, Yep March 1st is a cool day to be born I must say...with it also being a leap year I got an extra day to stay 26, something that when I was younger, I hated! Now, I'm very much okay being younger a little longer.

So the big 27 I am.

Evan let me sleep in a little while he took Avery to MDO, from there I enjoyed some quiet time before we got ready and drove to Frisco to enjoy The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Right as we were about the leave the house came a delivery, a very delicious delivery!!!

Yep, I got an edible arrangement from Evans parents. My in-loves are amazing!
We stood in the kitchen munching on fruit before Evan reminded me there was Cheesecake waiting for me. So off we went.

I know they have good food but I am a huge sucker for their little flat bread pizza, preferably the Mhargarita
So light, so good, and low calorie!

After we ate our lunch we went to the task of choosing our Cheesecake. My birthday tradition is I always get a pineapple upside down cake. My grandfather always made me one and after he passed away Evan took over the tradition. Another one is I get cheesecake instead of cake for my birthday so when I found out that they offered a Pineapple Upside Down Cheesecake.....well.....I was stoked!

Sooooooooooooooo Good. Like, bigger than good. Amazing. The perfect balance of both my Birthday traditions and in one slice! Score.

From there we headed back to Denton to pick up Avery from MDO and then I had to go to work. Evan had suprised me with taking the day off to be with me so he got to tag along and see what I do every afternoon. It was 81* and perfect outside so we changed into play clothes with the girls and headed to the park to enjoy some sunshine.

Cuppycake & I.

My friend Megan kept Avery when she got home and Evan and I headed to his parents house where we waited for his dad to get home and then headed to Mr. Chopsticks for my birthday dinner. Chicken pad thai, avacado rolls and edamame = BLISS. Once we were done there we headed to the Square where we walked off our dinner before getting some ice cream from Beth Marie's. I love that place so much but when I saw they had my summer favorite as a permanent flavor I squealed with delight. (Literally) Bee's Nees ice cream which is lavender and honey. Wish I had taken a picture to share but I didn't pause once it was in my hand to share it with anyone. :)

Very much a nice Birthday this year, laid back and full of food. I still have half a basket of fruit in the fridge!

QUESTION: What Traditions do you have?

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