Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting to know you Revealed.

Alright, Alright, I've slacked off wayyy too long on getting these pictures out to the masses. I urge you to do this on your own blog. It's just a simple, and fun way of sharing more of yourself to your readers.

Picture #1 "What's ON your fridge"-
Yeah, it's a creative toddlers oasis. Although, I just cleaned the fridge out last week and took down a lot of older artwork. ;)

Picture #2 "What do the bottom of your running shoes look like?"

You know, they don't look that bad for having over 200miles on them. They will be replaced soon though and I am soooo excited!

Picture #3 "What's your closet look like?"

A hot mess is what it looks like.

Picture #4 "What's your bedroom look like?"

I'm not brave enough to show the entire room since we have several boxes still left to sort through, you know, even thought we've lived here a year now...*sigh* Paris actually does claim the bottom of the bed 20hours a day

Picture #5 "What does your backseat look like"

Yeah, surprised?

Picture #6 "Where do you go to relax?"

My backyard patio is pretty awesome. I love grilling on the patio with family or just sitting out with a book and watching Avery play.

I forgot to grab a picture of my fave movie and didn't want to steal a pic off the inter webs. However, my favorite movie(s) are: Pride & Prejudice, Ever After, Sweet land, Spirited Away, All the HP movies and The Princess Bride. :)

Happy St. Patricks Day Tomorrow!

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