Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting to know you!

Alright, Life has been beyond crazy and my emotions are everywhere. I haven't felt like blogging much about it and if I do, it will more than likely be on the family blog. Just giving a heads up since I know I have been slacking on the family blog and devoting more time with the HLC.

So I have this fun idea for a post, however, it requires YOUR input. Yep, it's a group effort for this to play out and I think it'll help me get creative and inform you of who I am and what it's like to be me all at once. I've done this a few times on my old Xanga (Is it still around?!) I also did it on the family blog a few years ago.

Picture Post Game!

Comment below with what you'd like me to photo and post on my next entry. Be creative, be simple, but most importantly, don't be afraid to ask!!
A few samples:
"What's inside your fridge?"
"Where do you like to relax?"
"Whats for dinner?"

etc. etc. You get it, just think of something you'd like for me to share via picture. It's super fun so give it a try!

What are you waiting for?
-Britt The HLC


  1. What is your favorite movie?! and WHY!!! It is always the best to see what people say. :-)

  2. What do the bottom of your running shoes look like?

    What is in the backseat of your car?

    What is ON your fridge?