Monday, March 12, 2012

Keep Calm and Run on!

I promise I will do my picture post tomorrow, I had a few other ideas requested of me and I think I'll also tag a few fellow blogger to try this picture post game out. :)

I must say I feel a little spoiled with the weather lately, yes, it just rained 4 days in a row but it was never severe and it came and went and just made the weekend super mellow. Today it was sunny and 81*, oh yeah...loving the spring like weather.

Tomorrow after we drop off the cuppycake at MDO, Evan and I will be driving to McKinney to pick up our race packets for Saturdays race in Dallas. I'm excited to go to the RunOn! store since I'm kinda following them and their race events and PLAN on buying new running shoes from them in the next 2 weeks. Do you guys have RunOn! stores near you? I'm telling you, you MUST check out their website and see how much they can offer you as a runner. Clicky Clicky! I'm also taking donations from people who love me to help me get this shirt.

My next few 5ks will be run from this awesome site. Skipping the July one since's Texas. July in Texas? NO THANK YOU! I'd keel over by the time I hit the finish line. What ways do you find your races from?

I must admit, well, okay let's back that train up....I must CONFESS that I have not been running hardly at all. I hate to make excuses but seriously, every time I start to run or warm up my foot starts to kill me. Even with the ice pack/heat pack and night brace treatment, my Plantar Fasciitis flares up more now than it did before the Hot Chocolate 5k. My x-rays showed no heel spur and the tendon has healed but it just seems that once I start to run, the same stabbing and shooting pain hits me and I'm limping again.

I know my shoes are to blame, I've had them for 2 years and have trained close to 200 miles in them. I also do not want to make the same mistake in buying my next pair, which is why for my birthday, Evan is letting me get fitted and matched up for the right pair of running shoes. An investment well worth it in my opinion. However, that will not be happening before this Saturdays race which is already paid for so I can't flake out now. :(

I'll be crying I know but at least I won't come in last. *rolls eyes* so mature, right?!

Anyone else have a similar injury? Treatment? advice? I'm all ears on this subject, my doctor swears it's what it is and I don't doubt him, but with little to help cure it or make it stay gone other than NOT running...I feel totally in the dark.

I miss Running. I find it funny for me to say that now. Anyone who knows me can attest that before 2010, I was NOT a runner. Nope, not me, no thank you! I never thought of myself being one, never liked the idea of it in Volleyball or PE growing up and thought people were crazy to pay money to torture themselves on a perfectly nice day to sit on the couch and be lazy!!!

Oh, OH, how misguided I was. There is just something about that first 10min mile, your first completed 5k, the people you meet, the sense of belonging you get, the pure joy of breaking a sweat, the honks from strangers telling you "yeah, you look good.", how good you feel after a run, how motivated you get, how relaxing it can be, how distracting it is yet it also allows you to clear your mind and just escape the world. Not to mention your first race t-shirt (like a badge of honor), your first pair of REAL running shoes, the re-caps, swag and goodies you get just from doing what you LOVE to do. I mean, how many other hobbies out there reward you as much as running can/does?

I WANNA KNOW: What do you get out of running? What got you started?

-Britt The HLC


  1. After a hot bath or shower, roll the bottom of your foot (especially near the heel) over a golf ball of the floor for a few minutes each morning and night. Do it for both feet regularly and it should help treat/prevent more plantar fascitis.