Friday, January 13, 2012

How Rude!! (Rant)

Recently I was chatting with a friend through messenger whom I haven't talked to in a LONG time. We'll call her "Rude Friend" or RF for short. After a pleasant 15 minutes of catching up with one another RF made a comment about how good I looked these days. "You know Britt, you look better now than you did in high school and most women after they have kids really let themselves go which has been a fear of mine."
okay.....I should mention that RF is currently pregnant with her first child,
So I laughed her comment off and thanked her. She asked me how much I had lost since having Avery and I was honest in telling her that I lost close to 42lbs but I gained back 30 of it and am trying to get to a healthy average for my body type.

RF:"Oh, wow. That's awesome. Wait, don't you have a "Healthy Living" blog or something I saw on FB?"
Me: "Yes, I have 2 blogs I maintain for fun."
RF: "Don't you think it's wrong to promote a lifestyle you're not doing good at?'
Me: "What do you mean by that?"
RF: "I just mean, and don't take this wrong but I mean like, you're still can you blog about living healthy when you obviously are not doing anything to change your weight and, I guess I haven't seen you really doing anything other than a few pictures of you in workout stuff and I know you told _____ about doing a 5k soon"
Me: "That's a little rude, we haven't seen each other in almost 3 years since you guys moved away and you just got done saying how much better I look now than in high school? Have you read my blog at all?"
RF: "No, I just saw your FB page about it..sorry..I mean I guess I just don't understand why you'd put yourself out there like that when you don't look.....I dunno how to word it without it sounding get what I mean though, right?"
Me: "No, not really."

At this point I was kinda disgusted with the entire conversation and used Avery as an excuse to leave the chat. Am I wrong or was she way out of line?!

*Hops on soapbox*
Look folks, I know I am no skinny minnie and guess what, I'm NEVER going to be one. Don't have a desire to be either since my entire life I've always been a little bigger than most girls. I have hips, I have boobs, God gave them to me because he knew I could handle it. Granted, I got rid of some of the boobs thanks to surgery but I still have more than most. It took me sadly, years to figure out I was perfectly fine the way I looked. I embrace my body as MINE and so what if I have a pouch or stretch marks from having a child or I don't look like a VS runway model. My husband loves me as I am, my daughter looks up to me looking the way I do and I feel good in this body! I let way too many people put me down in my teen years for not being or looking like a certain type. I was bullied for years and it robbed me of some good oppourtunities in life and if my blog can help someone out there see that it's okay to be who they are as long as they feel good just by making healthy living choices everyday then I've succeeded in my goal for this blog.
-End Rant

I've never claimed this blog was an entire thing on losing weight, it's part of my Healthy Living journey/transition sure, but is it my main focus and what this blog is for? Not even close. If you read my blog (the few awesome people you are) then you'll recall one of my earliest entries was how I am not Promoting losing weight or diet fades....not going to find it here...

Healthy Living Chick represents 3 key things....
Living Healthy- Exercises, eating healthy, making healthy choices daily, switching one bad habit with a healthy alternative, cooking smarter, educating yourself etc.
Living Life- I'm a wife and a mommy, I'm balancing those two jobs with a little me time mixed in with a part time job...I'm busy!
Living Free- Accepting and acknowledging who you are and being happy with that! God made us individuals for a darn good reason and thanks to societys sick standards girls and woman (men too) these days feel the need to be in a certain stereo type or body type to feel desired or accepted and it's just not right. Embrace your curves, love your flaws and remember that you can be healthy and happy without being miserable or unhappy.

 Whatever happened to the Disney rule of thumb? "If you can't say nothing nice, don't say anything at all?"



  1. garbage in, garbage out! don't listen to negative talk. you are doing amazing, friend. and it IS a journey. not an overnight thing. making healthy choices (physical, emotional and spiritual) is not something that can be met with success right away. it's a process and that is what i see you doing, with your own successes! keep it up. you are doing what is right for you and your family and i am so proud of you.

  2. Some people.

    The reality is this: we're all on the journey, and no one's perspective is more or less valid because of where he or she is on the path. As long as you're moving in the right direction, that's all anyone should be looking at.

    I think you're awesome, and I love you.

  3. Rock on, Britt! :) Don't let the scale define you!!!! A healthy attitude and healthy lifestyle is the key, and you're doing that!! And honestly - I know I still get motivation and inspiration from your blog! We're not perfect, but we're taking steps - that's the reality we are all facing. And you're helping people take those steps.

  4. that was incredibly rude and stupid of her to say. healthy does not mean skinny- lots of skinny people are unhealthy, but society sees skinny as beautiful. lame. i've always been pretty skinny, but that doesn't mean i'm in shape or eating healthy (especially not that! haha. i have ramen for lunch at work almost every day and totino's pizza for dinner when jarrod's working. yeah, not healthy choices at all). i am especially not in shape- i've been going to kickboxing classes and it's kicking my butt! but i know it'll be amazing when i am finally in shape again.
    you are already ahead of me in all categories here: healthy eating, working out, etc, and therefore, i'd say you're at a better point with your health than i, a skinny person, am. size does not matter, health matters. when you find the size you feel amazing in, that's what counts.
    i don't know if your "friend" knows that back in the day, hollywood stars weren't skinny girls- marilyn monroe was a size 16, but she was still considered beautiful and she is still an icon of beauty to this day. so that friend of yours can go shove it on her thoughts of "health and beauty." rude. that's what i think.
    i love you, brittnye!!! ;)