Monday, January 9, 2012

Sharing is Caring

                                                So it's no secret I love finding new things to try and when I like something I usually like to spread the word about it so others may enjoy my awesome finds. Lately my search has gotten bigger as I am more determined to stick to my goals for this year of cooking more (healthier and quick ideas too), finding healthier alternatives to the things I love and exercising more.

Here are a few of my recent finds....

Kraft has these new dinner meal packs that I found in the cheese section last week. All you do is add the meat, shake in the already given bags of breading and cheese mix and bake. So easy and so Delicious!!! Also, only 100 calories! So far we've tried Italian Parmesan Chicken and Chile Lime pork chops and they only cost $2.08 can't beat that.

While buying stocking stuffer last minute I found this little jewel. Oh yeah, mini travel sized Nutella. BLISS. I'm so addicted to this stuff and yet it's just not good for you. So this way I can still get a very small dose of my favorite hazelnut spread and not feel guilty about a huge jar staring at me in the pantry at 2am just begging to be devoured.

Actual size*

Since Evans parents bought me a Kurig for Christmas, I have been LOVING my mornings with a nice cup of coffee (no more Starbucks!). While in Denver his aunt let me try this creamer and Evan even liked it! I know, sounds weird to have coconut flavoring in your coffee or hot chocolate but try it sometime. I really like it but I also don't use it in every cup. I'm sure this huge bottle (times sure have changed in that product line, I literally stood in front of the creamer case for 15minutes trying to find a non fancy flavor!) will last me a few months. Yum-O. 

And for a nice announcement...
You can now check out The Healthy Living Chick on Facebook! Very new project for me but it's up and slowly going so feel free to like it and spread the news to other people.
Check it out! just search for The Healthy Living Chick

Hope your Monday is off to a good start. We're potty training this week and today has been a very cold and rainy day so it's been a netflix kind of day. :)

-Brittnye The HLC

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