Thursday, January 26, 2012

Catching up is hard to do...

Feels like forever since I truly blogged.

Been fighting the losing end of a cold this week which has zapped my humanity and left me as a huge lump on the couch. Thank goodness for Kuerig hot tea, kleenex and netflix (AMEN!). Texas has had some much needed and long lasting rain the past 2 days so it's been an added lazy day to boot.

I promise to update more. with Evan and I doing several 5ks next month I'll be very busy with my training and now with a new year to obtain my healthy eating goals I'm looking at some fun dishes to try out on my unsuspecting, er, willing family.

Speaking of food, I have signed up to be a part of Foodie Penpal it's seems like a fun thing to look forward to every month and to blog about. Pretty much, you get matched up with another person and with a $15 max you fill a box full of goodies and mail it out. By the end of the month you blog about what you received in your box. I can't wait to receive and send out my first box. I'm very excited about this. :)

No January running mix. I'm being honest with my readers, this month I haven't ran all but 2 measly miles and therefore have no mix to share. Feel free to share with me some of your current songs to run/workout too. I'll need them to keep me going for my 5ks next month. *gulp*

Wish me luck today. I got to my OB to start the baby planning. Not sure if I shared it on the blog but we're ready to start trying for baby#2. You can catch up about my more personal entries on the family blog The Hartfield Files

Evan and I are getting ready to spend a lot of time together as we start training together. He's a much better/faster runner than I am and yet he's never done a 5k. Nor has he ever seemed interested in things I get fired up about. I truly think I confused him when I told him last August I was starting a new blog and we were cleaning house on all the crap food/drinks in our home and how he wasn't ever allowed to eat McDonald's or Jack in the box again!
Evan and I  a year after we were married

Life is about to get extra interesting/busy and healthier. I'm so excited about it all too.

What are you looking forward to this year?

-The HLC

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