Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb. Foodie Penpal Reveal!!

It's finally reveal day for my very 1st Foodie Penpal!!!

I'm so excited, I have been anxious to share this since I signed up. I'm ready for next week when March Foodie Penpal begins. The concept is simple, you sign up, get paired up, make a box, send it, get yours, enjoy it and blog it. Okay there's more to it than that in which you can read all about at Lindsays amazing blog HERE

I had so much fun putting my box together for Parita and also a little nervous about what to put in it. Evan and Avery helped me put it all together which made it extra special. In the end, I went with some of our favorite snacks to share with her.

I was paired up with Aundreia from Houston. I must say she had a bit of a hard time getting my box to me thanks to the USPS apparently trying to say I didn't live where I do. After 2 attempts it finally arrived YESTERDAY. Just in time for the reveal day. :)

Such an awesome sight on my doorstep.

I didn't get to open it until I was at work and had the girls playing in another room. Little did I know just how much this box would cheer me up and make me giddy with excitement!!

A part of the box is you have to have something written in it. Aundreia sent this neat card with a sweet message and a list of all my "Foodie Goodies". Little did she know we like a lot of the same things. :)
All my spoils.

I am currently brewing the Cup of Tranquility and it smells amazing. I love Tea and blueberry stuff too lately.
Confession: I adore Giada.

We all know how excited I was to get my Kuerig for Christmas, so when Aundreia  emailed me and asked for what my likes and dislikes were, I mentioned my kuerig and she shared some of her faves with me. The only one I've tried is the carmel drizzle which I bought this past weekend and enjoyed Saturday. Needless to say I'm extra excited about these!!! 

As much as I go to Target, I've never seen these things and will soon be on the hunt. I ate the Vanilla almond crunch tonight mixed with Chibani honey yogurt and a handful of dried cherries, it was amazing!

Trail Mix is my weakness. Where can I find these snack packs!?

Needless to say my week is going to have some major snacking going on. HUGE Thank You to Aundreia for spoiling me big time with my first Foodie Penpal box. I'm excited about trying new things .

Happy Eating,
Britt The HLC


  1. so fun that she sent you her favorite keurig flavors! glad your package made it in time :)

  2. Thank you (and Evan and Avery) for putting together such an amazing box for me! I absolutely loved it! :)

    1. You are VERY welcome. It was a great introduction to the process. :)

  3. great variety of things! wow. I need to look around my Target more closely also!

  4. That's quite an awesome box you recieved - there are so many great things in there! You cannot go wrong with K cups OR granola bars!! What did you think of the skinny cow bar? I've been tempted to try it!

    1. Try them all! I have been a fan since December. Also try the pecan clusters, they are softer and smoother than turtles and quite addictive. I've also posted about my love of their ice cream sandwhiches.

  5. I love that she included some k-cups for you! That is awesome and would have been my favorite part. :) My favorite tea is the Tazo Awake tea and I see she included one of those. You are going to love it!