Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hubby Moment #13579

My Hubby, Evan. He gets me. He knows just the thing I need to hear sometimes or when humor is needed to un serious a situation or thought process I'm in. How precious he is and blessed I am. So to honor him and share in our "Dorkness" I have decided to add a few random convos between us in a post here and there and dub them "Hubby Moments".

Hubby Moment #13579

Me:  (Giving the pouty look in the Dr. office) "Seriously?"
Evan:  "What? Did we forget something in the car?"
Me:  "Look, I've gained 2.3lbs since last month!"
Evan: "You mean you've added 2.3lbs of sexy ladyness to yourself!" *purrs* (then realizes the nurse is still in the room with us) "Er..I mean, you mean you've added...2lbs of AWESOME to yourself? I could have told you that. Keep it!"


He turned beet red and looked at a magazine while the nurse went on with my vitals, she was snickering at him and trying to keep it together. When she left the room he smacked my leg with the magazine.

Evan: "Why didn't you tell me she was still in the room!?"
Me: "Excuse me? Last I checked your eyes worked fine"
Evan: "Obviously since I was staring at your butt and thought you were getting at me for it and not paying attention to who or what was going on!!!"

When the Dr. came in she said Hi to him and as she shook his hand she said "So you like the ladies who have Awesome, I hear?"

His beet red face was priceless and we all got a giggle out of it.

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