Friday, February 10, 2012

Goal 1 of 5. Done!

Tomorrow is RACE DAY!!

I've got my outfit set out, new gear ready, play list added to my iPod, both my race bibs (the race one and the virtual race for sherry too) and the nerves are starting to show. I know for some you may think it's silly to have nerves for a measly 5k but for me, it's huge! I've only done one before and I walked it the entire way. For the Hot Chocolate 5k you have to maintain a 15:00 pace or more and since I haven't been training or running as often as I wish I had the last 2 months that stupid number is intimidating. I know I can do it though and that makes it so exciting.

I believe my time to beat is 48:21...

Yesterday, Evan and I drove to Dallas to pick our race packets and see the expo. I was excited to have him with me and overall it was a fun time. However, Dallas traffic is RIDICULOUS all day! and it took us forever to get back in time to pick up Avery from MDO even though we left Denton at 10:30.

Getting our packs was easy and our chips were set to go with the correct information. The expo had me a little disappointed though and for a few reasons.
1. we arrived on the first day of check-in 30 minutes after the doors opened. Yet, all the merchandise had already been picked through, everything was not marked as listed and there was hardly ANYTHING in a size larger than large. and the place was nowhere being packed or busy.
2. They had a DJ set up I guess practicing for the event on Saturday and he was on the far side of the building and yet, you couldn't hear anything over him! We tried to talk to a few vendors and it was useless, they couldn't hear us and we couldn't hear them. I felt bad for them to be honest.
3. There were only 6 vendors present and the kid zone area took up the most space. I love that they had a place for kids to play but the vendors (minus Ghiradelli) were crammed together against one wall and away from the busy side of the expo. It was weird to me.
4. My biggest issue even though it's not the race sponsor or programs fault our goodie bags we got wind jackets with the 5k logo on it. I was super excited to get mine and since I'm top heavy, and most races run small in sizes, I ordered a XL. When I tried it on...I couldn't get it closed to zip up. IT WAS TINY ON ME! When I went to trade it in there wasn't a size up for women in size! So I tried on Mens sizes. The L in mens swallowed me up so I asked for a Mens M only to be told they had none in stock and not enough to hand out in the goodie bags. I'm a size 12 people! I wear L in for me NOT to be able to wear an XL in a jacket made me sad for all the bigger woman picking up their bags with the biggest size being available being a XL. I think they should be more realistic with sizing.

I dunno, am I crazy? I just expected more at a Expo I guess even though I've never been to one.

I did buy some chocolate and got a very much discounted hoodie (which is super snug on me but once I get my rear in gear should fit fine by the summer).

I also got a new arm band to hold my iPod since my other one started fraying at the seams :(.

Before we left Evan and I also signed up for another 5k.
I'm excited about this one. After the race we'll do the whole Greenville Avenue St. Patty's day event of drinking green beer and watching the craziest parade ever!

That will mean by March 16, I'll already have 3 5ks done with for 2012 when my goal for the year was 5!

What are your 2012 goals?

Britt The HLC

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