Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Body Image Tuesday

I'll admit, I wimped out of taking self portraits today to show myself as I am now, week one in my weight loss journey. I guess the mirror just got to me a bit too much this afternoon and before I started crying I simply put the camera down and promised myself I'd do it next week.

I will, too!

It's not so much that I look horribly overweight, I hide it well. In fact, most people wouldn't believe I weight close to 180, maybe it's the boobs? Needless to say though that since having A, I am not keeping the extra weight in the same areas and it's noticeable enough to get my attention as well as E's. I will also be the first to admit I am not a diet person or am I an avid exerciser or health nut.

Which will change over time. I mean, it's been a week and I have made several changes to my diet and I am now exercising daily.

Start weight: 179lbs-8/29/11
Goal Weight: 155lbs-1/1/12
Today's Weight: 177lbs-9/6/11

2 whole pounds in a week!!! Yes, it may seem small but it's still a victory for me. I'm aware I'll have bad weeks and setbacks but the fact that I am actually pursuing this lifestyle now and it's already showing just helps keep me motivated to stick with it.

I also like going to the gym with my family. Working out with E today was a first and yet, it wasn't uncomfortable or frustrating. We did our own thing, helped each other with some machines and made a mini-race on the treadmill in which I didn't win but the trainer said I had better form and stamina.

Here was my workout today (I doubt I'll be able to walk tomorrow):
3 miles on treadmill
5.69 miles on recumbent cycle (my fave machine)
2 sets of 20 on weight bench for shoulders and arms at 40lbs.
1 set of 20 on hamstrings at 50lbs.
2 sets of 20 squats

It's not so much about how much I lose and how fast I lose it, or is it about how much I can do at the gym...for me it's about liking what I see about myself physically which as of last week is not a lot. I do not have much self-confidence in my appearance and it's what makes up 1/3 of who I am so it's important to me to be accepting of this. Like my motto...."If you can't love yourself, who can you love?"

I love a lot of things about myself, but when it comes to how I look in the mirror....I'm lacking the love. Which is why I started Healthy Living Chick.

I'll end this Body image Tuesday with 5 things I love about myself(physically), be sure to share with me your 5 self loves as well.

1. I love my blue eyes, they are my best physical feature (in my opinion).
2. I love my scar on my forehead, yes it looks like a huge dot between my eyes but it adds personailty!
3. I love my calves, I'm only 5'5 which doesn't give me much in the leg department but my calf muscles have always looked good and helped my legs look tone.
4. I love my boobs. After years of hating them for being bigger than I personally wanted and being picked on because of them, I always tried to cover them up. I even had a breast reduction to help but it wasn't until I was pregnant with A that I accepted my womans body and fell in love with my bra size for once. :)
5. I love my spotty freckles. Yes, I still have some childhood freckles over the high part of my cheeks where the corners of my eyes meet, I have always loved them.

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  1. 5 self loves - what a wonderful positive idea! You are beautiful!