Saturday, September 17, 2011

Music Saturday

September Running Mix.
(Check out Augusts Running Mix on my "Current Running Mix" Page)

1. "What the water gave me"- Florence+The Machine
2. "Ours"-The Bravery
3. "This Little Light"- Addison Road
4. "What Part of Forever"- Cee Lo Green
5. "Party Rock Anthem"- LMFAO
6. "Digital Love"-Daft Punk
7. "Run"-Snow Patrol
8. "Waste"- Foster The People
9. "Everybody's changing"- Keane
10. "Life on Earth"- Band of Horses
11. "Bliss"- Delirious?
12. "Nonfiction Love Song"- Jillian Edwards (A's new fave, so catchy)
13. "Try"- Jillian Edwards (one of my faves of hers)
14. "Marchin' On"- One Republic
15. "Texas Rain"- Sleeperstar
16. "Who Says"- Selena Gomez and the Scene
17. "Change in the Making"-Addison Road
18. "The Final Countdown"-Europe (seriously, last 5 minutes of a run, this song is where it's at! haha)

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  1. Britt, you are awesome!! I Hope blogging helps ya, and I know you'll reach others with it :) Rock on, Texas Chick! Love you guys!!

    ~Ohio Katie