Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday's Musings

What is it about vacation that makes you totally lose focus on your routine? I swear I did more than I normally do in a day but I also ate more than I do and I never counted a single calorie all weekend. It'll be interesting when I weigh in later today to say the least.

I must stop and give myself a pat on the back and for a few of you who know me well may get a giggle out of this for me...others....well, you may not understand why this is a HUGE thing for me. I actually packed workout clothes for this vacation and I did indeed workout twice at the resorts gym. Yep. There I was in my workout glory on vacation sweating it up and oohing and ahhhing and begging E to buy me a super fancy treadmill and elliptical machine so I can feel snarky and get fit quicker without worrying about making other resort guests shudder as they passed the wall of glass and witnessed me running in my new spandex running Capri's and baggy Texas Longhorn tee.

It was so rewarding. E and I used every machine they offered while his parents watched A for us. I doubt I have ever pushed myself that hard in over an hour of time but I was determined to not let those rich desserts and huge platters of food I had enjoyed during the day get the better of me when I was weighing in and back to the reality that vacations never last long enough. I was tempted to take pictures but I only kept that for family time and not the ridiculous blogger in me going "Nobody will believe smore's look like this or are this huge!" or even "E, can you take a picture of me in my sweaty messiness to show proof that I actually worked out? Make sure to get a butt shot in these new running Capri's too...I look awesome in them!"

Yeah...those convos did actually take place in my mind.....

Moving right along....

I also MUST share some fun news. I joined an amazing blog community and am now listed with TONS of amazing people blogging for the sole purpose of sharing Living Healthy and taking care of ourselves by being active, eating healthy and living life to the best we possibly can. Be sure to check them all out at

I think once I get enough followers on here I may start doing some fun things like give-aways and challenges. I seriously have some big plans for this blog and this is officially my "2nd baby" as E likes to jokingly refer to it. I'm also looking into having this it's own website and breaking free of the blogger style of it all. We'll see where this leads me. I started this as an outlet of my weight loss journey and helpful tool into our transition into living healthy and taking care of ourselves better as a family. As long as I keep enjoying this then I'll keep it up.

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?
I'll share a pic of A & I on vacation this weekend. Enjoy.

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  1. So proud of you for working out on vacation! Great pic of you and A.