Thursday, September 15, 2011

Que Rocky Music.....

First run in over a week due to being under the weather but MAN ALIVE! I feel so good right now. I doubt there is a better feeling then right after a workout, you just feel at such a peak and like the pain and soreness will be worth it the next day :).

My goal is to do a 5k in under 40min, right now I average about 55min so it's a work in progress especially since I am only running at 1-2min intervals between 3 minutes of walking. Just taking it day by day. I'm doing so much better than I thought I would be a year ago (With a 6 month hiatus).

What workout do you do to pump yourself? What are some exercises goals you have conquered?
Also, any Mommy's out there with a jogging stroller? I am in serious talks of getting one within the next 3 weeks to take A out and about with me (so I can go out more and not wait on E to be home). Any recommendations?

I know I have a few new recipes to share with you guys and I meant to post them for Nom Nom Wednesday but I didn't get time. I'll share them later tonight. If you know of any good healthy and easy to make recipes, please share some. I'm looking for some new ones.

I'll also post Septembers running mix up tonight as well.

Stay Healthy!


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