Friday, September 30, 2011

Life Well Lived Vol. 2

This week has been off for me. Not much on exercising or healthy eating and I'm just overly tired lately. I hate that! Hopefully E will give me a break with A tomorrow and I can hit the gym for a solid hour. I'm craving it along with a wonderful 3 mile run/walk in this awesome Fall weather Texas is finally getting. *knock on wood*

So, with my last "LWL" list I kept it pretty basic and now sitting here I am trying to sort out what awesome 3 things in my life to post about and curiously wondering if I have photographic evidence of any experiences. Let's see what I can come up with. What's YOUR "Life Well Lived" list this week?

Thanks again to the awesome for this fantastic idea.


I'm a Fur Mommy-
Yes, I am one of THOSE people who consider their pets to be not animals but small furry children. My whole life I've always had tons of pets (lots of strays found me or my brother). These two here have had my heart since 2005/2006

This handsome guy is Gustave Mufasa Hartfield Aka- "Gus"

I swear he acts more like a dog the majority of the time. He's a total mama's boy and loves to cuddle with me and snuggle and trip me almost daily. E brought him home for my birthday a few months after we were married and living an hour from "Home". I was miserable and homesick and not adjusting to the new city at all and Paris had gained 15lbs in our tiny 2 window apartment! He has helped me through many a cry-fest and bad day just by nudging me or climbing in my lap to paw at my face for attention.

Then of course we have Paris Nikole Hartfield Aka- Paris, or "Mae" or "Mouse".

I rescued Paris on a ridiculously cold night in the boonies of Paris, Texas where a friend of mines mom lived on a Ranch. Evan was driving the whole 4 hours from Denton to Paris in the middle of then night to spend the weekend with us so I was outside with 8 dogs on the phone when I kept hearing little cries (I thought it was a bobcat) down by the pond. Turned out to be a very tiny, very dirty and very scared ball of fur with giant eyes. She was all fur. I remember trying to feed her with an eye dropper and washing her in a huge mixing bowl because she had dirt and mud caked everywhere. She is all about Evan. She is reclusive during the day and tends to hide from A but when daddy gets home she's at the door and rubbing her wet nose all over him. E acts like he hates her and finds her annoying but he loves the attention from her.

They are my babies. We almost lost them when we were homeless for a few months but if you read my family blog, you already know the whole story and the amazing happy ending we got at the end of June. :)

I'm a Donor-

I'm a registered Organ donor as well as registered on the National Marrow Donor Program @ Be The Match. I've been contacted once in the 3 years I've been registered but wasn't a complete match. I also donate Blood at least twice a year. You never know what kind of an impact you can be until you're the one in need. It's easy to join, think about it.

Get informed and join these organizations!

I Paint on the side-

I'm a mom, a wife, a friend and family person...I'm busy and do not get much "Alone Time". With this new Healthy Living transition I have found that time in excercising and educating myself on eating healthy, etc. However, one of my hidden loves is painting. Started as a venting experiment E did for me with a horrible work situation. His family is very artsy and it has rubbed off on me in a big way I guess. I've commisioned a few pieces (still baffled that people would pay me for something I do for fun). E makes the canvas for me and I just spend time outside in the sun and get to creating whatever I want. Here's a pic of an older piece, I really need to update my photos of my artwork.

So there you have it, volume 2 of my "Life Well Lived." What's your 3 this week?

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