Sunday, September 4, 2011

Simple Sunday at it's best.

Yes, Sundays are amazing. It is the day of rest after all. What's even better about today's Sunday though? It's just the hump-day for a 3 day weekend! Yes, tomorrow is a holiday and E doesn't have to work and either do I. Add that Texas is finally below 100* after a ridiculous summer and the high for tomorrow is only 86*...YEAH.

I can officially start running outside again and not look like I'm about to collapse on the side of the street!

It also means Fall is on it's way and it just so happens to be my favorite season of all. :) Interesting to see how I pull this fall off without indulging into all the amazing treats and eats it brings around, let alone the holiday season when we'll be traveling a lot for once.

Tomorrow will be a BIG first for me too. I get to go to the Gym for the first time ever and workout. YIKES. I also will be with E who in the 11 years of knowing me and 6 years of marriage has only worked out with me....twice. Interesting to see how this works out.

Do you go to a gym? What workout do you do? Machines of your choice? Help a Gym Newb out.

In closing I just want to share 3 things I have fallen in love with this week. I'm a promoter of things I find and love so get used to this...

First up, this amazing Soda. I've seen it somewhere before from a friend but I can't remember who. I've never tried it but it was on sale at Sprouts and so I bought it in Ginger Ale and in Creamy Root beer. Yummy yummy yummy but the sugar count is INSANE!

Next up is something I used to pitch a fit about when I worked at Panera bread back in the day... Sprouts. YUCK. I seriously found them annoying but until recently I had only tried them once or twice and to me they just tasted like crunchy dirt? haha. I bought this at the local grocery store and had them on an amazing sandwich for lunch and a wrap last night. Super good and with a hint of spice that E and I both liked.

And finally, our dinner from last night that was homemade and not store bought or delivered for once. I loved it and so did A which says a lot because she is one picky toddler. Easy to make and quick!

Margherita pizza with fresh tomatoes and basil. Delicious and as I said, even A loved it.

Have a great Monday, friends.


  1. That soda is so good! It's definitely high in sugar, but at least it's real sugar and not HFCS... We LOVE the ginger ale. Now any other brand tastes watery and fake to me.

  2. That pizza looks great! Woke up to surprisingly beautiful weather this morning for my run, and like you, was thankful to not appear on the brink of collapse the whole run. :)

    I don't do any cardio at the gym, but with the heat, I can understand running on a treadmill! It's dangerously hot out. I typically warm up for 5 minutes on the treadmill and then lift heavy, concentrating on mostly my lower body. Squats are incredibly effective. I try to do upper body if J is around to spot me.